When it comes to infrastructure upgrade, every office owner must be wracked with questions: Will it be worth it? Will it be secure? How much time will it take? Will the new infrastructure be flexible? Above all, how long until the next inevitable upgrade?

GrydSense lays these worries to rest with a closed-loop pre-integrated solution. Our installation requires a minimum of time, effort, and accommodation on the client side as it is a wireless EDGE-based setup using in-house sensors and inbuilt cloud communication.

When you commission GrydSense for your office, you get a drop-in infrastructure with all the tech pre-attached, pre-connected, and ready to go. Every unit in the system from the data sensors to the processors to the communication infrastructure to the cloud is within our complete control, ensuring smooth integration and zero-touch installation.

No more fiddling around with cables or shopping for this-or-that sensor. You don’t even have to interpret and act on data. Our completely wireless solution with proprietary sensors for every need and communication with smart office equipment means you don’t have to worry about adjusting to us – we adjust to you.

GrydSense is completely secure. Thanks to us bridging the IT/OT divide your internally secure system is exposed to the minimal possible extent. Moreover, we have independent network capability for cloud communication, hence require no access to your office network.

All communication between GrydSense components ensures privacy of data. Communication occurs using industry-standard protocols to maximize security. With time and effort for security checks reduced to the greatest possible extent, GrydSense can be quickly and painlessly installed.

Since infrastructure is a significant expenditure, it is important that it last long and remain impervious as far as possible to a changing workplace and tech environment.

With GrydSense, you get state-of-the-art wireless and intelligent infrastructure that elevates your office into the digital world. The advances in computing power, AI/ML and network technology make possible a world where employee experience can be enhanced to dizzying levels; where office-space itself can be intelligently redesigned on the fly; and where large energy savings are almost a side-effect. GrydSense does not simply future-proof you but makes you a leading actor in shaping and creating the future.