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  • GrydSense awarded Proptech Innovative Solution of the Year

    GrydSense put in an impressive showing at the Realty+ Conclave & Excellence Awards 2023 held in Mumbai on 17th February, receiving the Proptech Innovative Solution of 2023 award. Realty+ events celebrate the fusion of tech, design, and spaces; they bring to the limelight the best efforts of the Proptech, Flex Workspaces, and Building & Construction sectors. GrydSense participated in the 5th Proptech Conclave & Excellence Awards where we showcased our integrated, wireless, sensor-based IoT solutions for real estate.

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  • Realcomm | IBcon 2022 in Orlando, USA

    Realcomm hosts an annual commercial real estate event showcasing innovative, efficient, and disruptive solutions. Realcomm | IBcon 2022 was held on June 15-16, 2022 in Orlando, USA. GrydSense participated at the event, and were finalists for the Realcomm Digie Awards under the ‘Best Tech Innovation’ category.

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  • CREtech New York 2022 in New York City, USA

    CREtech is an exhibition of real estate technology and innovation bringing together people from all over the globe. GrydSense was a Startup Sponsor of CREtech New York 2022 held on October 12-13 in New York City, USA

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