• Monetized view of savings

    We make it easier to visualize the actual dollar savings associated with the lighting and HVAC modulation that our system recommends. We also have historical trends to show you how each lighting or HVAC strategy has benefited your facility so that you can choose the settings that meet your building’s needs best.

  • Wellness visualized in 3D

    Aren’t you tired of visualizing your 3D space in 2D? We were too, which is why we designed our system to display your entire facility in 3 Dimensions on a single screen. This unique visualization allows you to easily spot problem areas for common wellness parameters such as CO2 & PM2.5 which are diligently monitored 24/7 by our AI-powered sensors, helping you ensure the wellbeing of your tenants and enhance their productivity.

  • Post-commissioning ease of operation

    Our software platform has been built in consultation with lighting consultants, electrical contractors and facility managers to address the issues they face everyday. One common problem area that our platform addresses is to ensure that it is easier to make changes to the system and to understand the impact of these changes on your opx budgets.

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