• 01
    API Access Authentication

    Authentication of access to our API’s using o auth2 (open authorization framework) thereby enabling secure, third-party, user-agent, delegated authorization

  • 02
    Service Discovery

    Developers discover the various services in our extensive service catalog

  • 03
    Digital Twin Discovery

    Access to the data pertaining to common building elements (such as the Building Name, # of Floors, etc...).

  • 04
    Lighting Infratructure Discovery

    Access to the data pertaining to lighting infrastructure elements such as Lights, Sensors, Zones, Groups, Scenes, Schedules, etc...

  • 05
    Sync Equipment

    Sync the status of the lighting infrastructure elements in the building (such as the dimming status of a ballast) with their application

  • 06
    Register for COV and Alerts

    Listen to any change of values that are occurring on the lighting infrastructure in order to make modifications to their application

  • 07
    Device Control

    Invoke our “Command & Control” APIs to make the desired changes on our lighting infrastructure (for example changing the scene in a conference room)

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